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Perfect Impact System Review

I’ve been playing golf now for about 6 years and have tried all sorts of things over the years to improve. New clubs, lessons, books, videos, magazines, trainings aids you name it… Some of these things helped my game but to put it bluntly, a lot of them were a waste of time and money.

That said it is really important to take advantage of the better instructional products out there. Figuring it out on your own is NOT a good option… at least it wasn’t for me.

If I was starting out as a golfer today, knowing what I know now, I would seek out more instruction as a beginner. I definitely developed some bad habits that set me back a few years by trying to figure it out on my own in the beginning.

Well about 2 months ago I came across the Perfect Impact System, an online video training course. Normally I’m pretty skeptical about buying things online but this one seemed to have a lot of good reviews and it came with a 2 month money back guarantee, so I thought what the heck.

Well I’m glad I did because the Perfect Impact System has been a real game changer for me, and I think a lot of you could benefit from it as well. Continue reading