Finally Went for a Club Fitting!

For years I have been reading about how I needed to go for a club fitting… but I’d been putting it off. I guess I thought of it like all the other things we are “supposed to do.” You know, like flossing or eating more vegetables.

Well turns out club fitting is really painless, and something I’d recommend anyone go do.

I went to my local pro, who had me hit balls off of a special lie board (basically a piece of hard rubber) that marks where the sole of your club makes contact with the ground. By doing this, he was able to determine that my clubs were about 2 degrees too upright for my swing. He explained that the rule of thumb is for every 1 degree too upright, your ball will fly 4 yards left of your target… which means every time I lined up to the ball I was really aiming 8 yards left!

He then explained that most golfers will unconsciously correct for this after they send a few balls offline… and develop bad swing habits in the process.

He also went through and evened out the loft angles of my clubs. In particular he set my PW, GW, SW, and LW at 45, 50, 55, and 60 degrees respectively, to give me more options on the short game.

Here’s a really informative club fitting video I found on youtube. Watch the whole thing or skip to 1:45 to see how lie angle can send your shots offline.

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