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Fairway Bunkers on World Golf Tour

This is my first post about the World Golf Tour. If you don’t already know, the World Golf Tour ( is an incredibly addicting online golf game.

One of my only complaints about the game is how they treat fairway bunkers.

They key to playing fairway bunkers is accepting that you have to hit a recovery shot. In all of my experience, I have never had a better than 30% lie in the bunker. It doesn’t matter how softly your ball rolls into the bunker, you simply will not get a clean lie.

This can be frustrating and confusing because in real life you frequently can take a full swing from the fairway bunker.

So here are some simple rules of thumb to survive the World Golf Tour fairway bunkers:

Club selection

With a decent lie in real life you can often get any iron or hybrid easily on the ball… not so in World Golf Tour. So don’t try to be a hero. Continue reading