My Trip to Pebble Beach – Part 1

Last summer I made the ultimate golfer’s pilgrimage… a trip out to the Monterrey Peninsula to play Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, and Spanish Bay. It was the trip of a life time and if you can swing it I would recommend it for any serious golf fan!

Now I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t cheap. 3 rounds of golf and 2 nights in the hotel alone was over $2,000. Plus you can plan on spending a bunch more on meals, a rental car (which you will need), and souvenirs.

We arrived at night and checked into The Inn at Spanish Bay. The hotel was great, with views of Spanish Bay and the ocean, great dining options, and a nice spa… Even if you aren’t into the spa you might change your mind after packing in 3 rounds of golf!┬áThe first night was early to bed because we had a morning tee time at Pebble!

Day 1 was at Pebble Beach and it was spectacular! It was a perfect day and the course is even more beautiful than in pictures. Also for a golf nut like myself, it was exciting to be walking the same fairways where so many great moments in the history of the game occurred.

Pebble Beach #6

Here is the view from #6. From the tee all I could think about was the famous 7 iron Tiger hit from the rough up the hill in the 2000 US Open (see 0:26 below).

Alas I barely avoided slicing it into the ocean and had to play back to the fairway for safety on my 2nd shot.

Pebble Beach #6

Where my drive ended up on #6

The course is breathtaking and immaculately maintained. But don’t expect a fast round or a low number. On my home course I average in the mid 80s – at Pebble I shot 102.

After a long day on the course we headed back to our hotel – The Inn at Spanish Bay – for dinner and a couple drinks. The dining options are outstanding, but it was an early night because we had 36 holes to play tomorrow…

To be continued…

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