Perfect Impact System Review

I’ve been playing golf now for about 6 years and have tried all sorts of things over the years to improve. New clubs, lessons, books, videos, magazines, trainings aids you name it… Some of these things helped my game but to put it bluntly, a lot of them were a waste of time and money.

That said it is really important to take advantage of the better instructional products out there. Figuring it out on your own is NOT a good option… at least it wasn’t for me.

If I was starting out as a golfer today, knowing what I know now, I would seek out more instruction as a beginner. I definitely developed some bad habits that set me back a few years by trying to figure it out on my own in the beginning.

Well about 2 months ago I came across the Perfect Impact System, an online video training course. Normally I’m pretty skeptical about buying things online but this one seemed to have a lot of good reviews and it came with a 2 month money back guarantee, so I thought what the heck.

Well I’m glad I did because the Perfect Impact System has been a real game changer for me, and I think a lot of you could benefit from it as well.

Here’s how it works.

After you purchase you create a login for the website where you access all the videos. There are about 6 videos that average around 30 minutes each and they cover a TON of ground.

They start with the fundamentals of your setup and then get into more advanced topics of the full swing. All of the videos feature Tom Stickney who is a Golf Magazine top 100 teacher. (Actually 1 video randomly has a different pro, but it’s still a good video). Tom does a great job breaking the swing down into very easy to learn chunks.

One thing I really like about the Perfect Impact System is it gets into a lot of intermediate/advanced topics that really apply to where my game is at now. Tom goes out on the course and talks about playing from all of the different situations you are likely to encounter… hilly lies, divots, the rough etc. After watching those videos I have a lot more confidence dealing with these types of shots.

The Perfect Impact System Full Swing

Overall it’s a product I’d highly recommend. The value is really good for the amount of instruction you get and it is something I know I will be watching time and again for many years to come. If anyone else has tried it out and wants to share their experience drop me a line.

And if you want to check it out for yourself their website isĀ


The main product covers the full swing but there is the option to add short game lessons as well. I recently added those and wanted to add my thoughts on those too. By the way, if you do try it out, you can save money by adding the short game at the time of your original purchase because they offer a discount. (I think I paid $10 more because I added it 3 weeks later)

There are 4 videos in the short game section. They cover pitching, chipping, bunkers, and putting. Each video is about 30-40 minutes and they are all very well done in my opinion.

I got a lot from the Chipping and bunker videos in particular, and have significantly improved my confidence and chance of getting up and down when faced with these shots.

The Perfect Impact System Chipping

Another thing I really liked was that the putting video included a bunch of drills you can do inside. My golf season is only about 8 months (until I move to Florida!) so it’s great that I can work on my short game year round.

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